Turn Low-Fidelity Scans and Sketches Into Hi-Definition PDF Documents

Floorplans allows you to import floorplan sketches, photos of floorplans, and scans of old documents, and convert them into high-quality vector-based PDF files. PDF documents make excellent prints and can be magnified without loosing fidelity.

Floorplans allows you to intelligently calibrate your imported documents so that all of your measurements will perfectly match.

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Turn Low-Fidelity Scans and Sketches Into Hi-Definition PDF Documents

Floorplans contains a library of over 100 furnishing items in several different finishes. These include furnishings for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, structural elements, offices, and party planning. Each furnishing can be precisely resized to match an existing item. The furnishing database is regularly updated with new items to include in your floorplans.

Use floorplans while shopping for furniture to determine if a new piece of furniture will fit in a room.

Automatic Calculation of Square Footage and Support for Irregular Shaped Rooms

Floorplans automatically calculates square footage (or square meters) for all rooms. The automatic square footage is not just for simple rectangular shaped rooms. In fact, the square footage will be calculated for any type of room, even rooms with angled walls of varying thicknesses.

Calculate the area of complex shaped rooms, or of an entire apartment. Floorplans displays the total square footage for the floorplan on the bottom of the screen.

Add Annotations, Measurements, and Text Labels

The labels tool allows you to properly annotate your floorplan with text labels, arrows that indicate measurements, and free hand drawings. The labels inspector allows you to set the font size, line width, and color of the label.

Apply Themes to Customize Appearance

Give your floorplans a fun look by applying the Blueprint theme. More themes coming soon...


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